Peel Dance Origins Tortor North Sumatra

Indonesia is no shortage of cultural diversity, diverse art and culture emerged in the country in which familiar greetings with thousand island nation. One of them is art Tari tortor. This dance art comes from northern Sumatra.
This dance was yesterday at claims by neighboring countries, namely Malaysia that tortor dance will be theirs. 

Tor - tor itself is derived from the sound that caused by the beat - the beat of the feet of the dancers perform on a pedestal as a wooden board which is the base of traditional Batak houses. This dance to the accompaniment Gondang diiringa that iramnya stomping.

Peel Dance Origins Tortor North Sumatra


As for the purpose of staging tortor dance is for funerals, harvest, healing and other parties in the young couple also has a dance ritual which must be passed first before playing it. The ritual process contains three messages are fearful and obedient to god almighty one, then the second is a message to the ancestors dang people - people who respected. The last message intended for the general public who were present during the ceremony or tortor dance performances are held.

Peel Dance Origins Tortor North Sumatra


tortor dance contains three meanings in addition to encouraging the soul to rituals, like food for the soul and a means of entertainment.

In the event tortor dance is always accompanied by a Gondang, called the Nine Gondang adjust the number of drum is in play. specificity of this drum is played by men while with singing a poem that tells a history, prayer and blessing, as named by Maronang Onang.