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People Who Do not Ever Make You Cry care

**People Who Do not Ever Make You Cry love, because it will be very painful, when another man wiped tears of stone**

If a wife crying front of you,
That means he can not hold it anymore.
"Respect was he before missing ..."

If you hold her hand as she cried,
He will stay with you throughout your life.

If you let it go,
He will never come back again to his old self.
Forever ....

A wife will not cry easily,
Except for the very front of people he cares about. He became weak.

A wife will not cry easily,
Only if he really loves you, he will lose feeling selfish.

Men, if a wife ever cried because of you,
Please hold hands with understanding.
He is the one who will remain with you throughout your life.

Men, if a wife crying because of you.
Please do not waste it.
Perhaps because of your decision, you ruin her life.

When she cries in front of you, When she cried because of you,
Look at her eyes ....
Can you see and feel the pain she felt?

Think ....
Where lagikah wife will cry with pure, full of compassion,
In front of you and because of you ......

He cried not because he was weak
She was not crying because she wants sympathy or pity

He cried,
For crying silently
it is not possible anymore.

Think about it

If a wife crying her heart to you,
And it's all because of you.

It's time to see what you've done for him,
Only you know the answer ....

But he was often overlooked by the husband because of one thing ...
That free "How precious is she" ...


Because someday
It may be too late to regret,
It may be too late to say 'SORRY'!!

Magic Word That Will Change Life

  1. Waiting for the perfect conditions to achieve same wait forever
  2. When you think of capital is too high, you will never be able to realize the desire. Start with a simple
  3. Small is big capital to be
  4. Lost is the capital to be won
  5. Failure is the capital to be successful
  6. God gave the problem and its solution
  7. No problem with the problem, the problem is the way we are wrong in dealing with the problem (KH Abdullah Gymnastiar)
  8. So that the ball can bounce high, have fallen to the floor with a bang
  9. (Mario)
  10. If your business falls (fails), a sign that has a chance to jump higher
  11. Like a baby, try to keep going even at the ups and downs in the beginning
  12. Man is indeed what he thinks in his heart
  13. Measures beat fear
  14. To think big we should use words and phrases that produces an image or a positive mental images and large
  15. Do not look at things as they are, but look at the possibilities. Visualization adds value to everything.
  16. Great thinkers always visualize what can be done in the future. He was not satisfied with the present
  17. If you believe, your mind to find a way to implement
  18. People who think their work is important, gets mental cues about how to do their jobs better
  19. Talk only about happiness, talk only about the progress, talk only about success
  20. Make it a habit to seek advice from people who really know
  21. To get other people excited, you yourself must first enthusiastic
  22. In everything you do, Do it with enthusiasm
  23. People do more for you if you make them feel important
  24.  Use action to cure fear and gain confidence
  25. Nothing in life is to be feared, It is only to be Understood (Marie Curie)
  26.  Most of the failures in life is because people are not aware that they were almost successful when desperate (Thomas Edison)
  27.  Failure is not a sign has been completed and also never ending success (Dr. Robert Schuller)
  28.  Those who have never hiked rarely fall (John Greenleaf Whittier)
  29. I am more willing to try something great and fail; than not trying anything and immediate success
  30. Failures and disappointments make us so depressed, but he also brings strength, shape character, and resilience, which is a provision essential to achieve success
  31.  Success will not be achieved unless you are willing to take risks, to continue the struggle, willing to fail miserably, and fighting back
  32. (Philip Adams)
  33. When you stop making mistakes, you actually have to stop learning
  34. (Billi Lim)
  35. Weapons of the weak is the complaint
  36. At the time the exam is given, there arose those who succeed and those who fail
  37. Whoever aspires without the deeds of his ideals will accompany death
  38. Do not be afraid to opponent. Kites fly against the wind because, not follow
  39. Of ignorance we do wrong and learn from our mistakes
  40. Life is hope, and he who loses hope has lost life
  41.  When people tackle you from behind, you know that now you are in front
  42. When people see the light, then he could distinguish the dark
  43. The most unemployed people are people who can not use their spare time
  44.  The blow did not cause the death of someone who will add grit and toughness
  45.  If you still have hope, nothing is impossible for you
  46. Anyone who can not stand the boredom and exhaustion studying in an hour, then he should hold in humility ignorance lifetime
  47. If you are able to take lessons from a variety of events, you do not need to make a choice
  48. Three bad things: lying, lazy, pessimistic
  49. Thieves who "steal" our youth is the time period
  50. The only way to avoid mistakes is to have experience. And the only way to gain experience is to make mistakes some times.


Are Your Windows XP Blue Screen ?

Most likely, the blue screen is the worst error in all the PC's. To tell the truth, the edition of the Windows that one is using has no influence on whether it can suffer from blue screen error or not, because all windows can experience this error. And so, this guide is not only intended for the Windows XP Blue Screen but for all the editions of the Windows.
Here are 3 Steps which can help you solve and avoid blue screen error from pestering your system. Just follow these tips and your computer will be error-free.
1. Inspect your computer's registry
All the vital data in your computer are saved in the Windows registry. The hardware, software programs installed are also registered here. But sadly, this registry entries can be corrupted and then make your system lose some important information required for the better performance of some programs or tasks.
When information went missing, the blue screen error develops and then freezes your computer. Most PC owners don't know how to repair some issues like this. On the other hand, the availability of the registry cleaner and repair software makes everything easy and manageable for the average users of computers because it is automated.

Plus, it is not hard to find, you can download it and some are even offered for free. That's a big savings for you since it's free and you'll no longer have to bring your computer to a technician as you can fix the problem yourself through the registry cleaner.

2. Spyware, adware, and virus scan
When you have already tried the first tip and it didn't solve the blue screen error, then this time, try running an adware, spyware, and virus scanner. You can also obtain this software for free in the internet. The scanning here can take a while longer comSpared to a scan by registry cleaner because it scan your hard drive thoroughly.

Blue screen errors are not typically caused by viruses, but it's possible. These sorts of scans are recommended to be done once a week for better results.
3. Deletion of a particular program and re-installation
Finally, if the first and second steps are not effective and haven't solved the Windows XP blue screen error, then a more drastic measures are needed.

Firstly, ensure that your windows restore function is active and you have an existing restore point set. After doing this, single out the running program/s where the blue screen usually appear. Delete and then re-install that program through your control panel.
Take note, prior to the deletion and re-installation procedure, make sure that you have the original CD or downloaded files of the program concerned. Otherwise, you will not be able to re-install the program that you have already deleted.
This simple method should repair Windows XP blue screen error permanently. Definitely, a trip to the computer repair shop is not an option if you can try and fix your computer by yourself. And this is what this article intends to do, to help you determine and find solution to some problems in your computer system.

Eggs are an excellent source of protein and relatively cheap too. They have a very high biological value and a full complement of essential and non essential amino acids. In short, if you wanted a complete and easy to absorb protein source look no further than eggs.
With that said there are a few considerations you might want to make when buying and preparing eggs. First of all some of the protein in an egg is found in the yolk, so if you separate your whites and discard the yolk you will also be lowering the protein content of each egg you purchased and therefore increasing the price per gram of protein.
Second point is that eggs come in different sizes, and therefore the amount of protein they contain is different. For example theUS department of agriculture categorizes eggs as small, medium, large, extra large, and jumbo. Each size has a different amount of protein as follows:
Size of Egg Grams of Protein Grams of Protein
(whole egg including yolk) (White Only)
Small 4.8 2.7
Medium 5.5 3.2
Large 6.3 3.6
Extra Large 7 4
Jumbo 7.9 4.6

As you can see about 58% of the protein in an egg is contained in the white, the rest is in the yolk. So if you like to separate the yolk out of your egg you're losing 42% of the protein in each egg. This is not very cost effective if you're eating eggs for their protein content. Every time you throw away a yolk you're literally throwing away almost half the protein in the egg as well.
The yolk of an egg provides lots of nutrients that your body needs, there is no reason to throw it away. The cholesterol and fat content of the yolk will only contribute a small portion to your overall daily intake with no detrimental effects.
Scrambled, poached, sunny side up, omelet, over easy, over hard, Benedict, whatever. Eggs are a great way to get your protein requirement for the day.

Selecting and Buying Vegetable Garden Seeds
To have a good garden, you need good seeds. It's not enough that the seeds simply are capable of growing -- you want them to produce a crop of the desired quality under the conditions existing where you've placed your garden.
Some varieties of vegetables will only thrive under specific conditions, while others can produce bountiful harvests in almost any soil and climate conditions. If you're unsure whether specific vegetable varieties will grow in your area, focus on those that have proven themselves in many different growing conditions, and are recognized as standards.
If you can, select varieties known to do well in your area. Don't restrict yourself, however. If you have room in the garden to try a variety you're unsure of, go ahead. Just keep that in mind so that if the experiment is a failure, you understand why (and you have backups so that you're not without that vegetable for a season.)
You also want to make sure you have more seed than you really need. Sometimes your crop will be damaged by an unexpected late frost, or pesky insects, making it necessary to replant. By having extras on hand, you can quickly and easily regroup and start over. Keep in mind, that the additional expense is slight, and in some cases, moot, as most seed packages come with more than enough for 1-2 seasons for all but the largest of gardens.
There are many different ways to purchase seed. Many companies have online catalogs, but most will mail a catalog to you upon request. Because they often arrive in mid-winter, it can be a great reminder that spring is on its way, once the catalogs arrive.
Local stores, such as your country hardware, or even Wal-Mart, carry seeds at certain times of the year. Don't depend on them, though, as your carefully thought out garden plan will be for naught if the hardware store runs out of carrot seeds.
There are many people who will claim that low glycemic index diets work wonders for helping to shape your body and improve your overall health, but do these diets really work? Simply put, the principle for this diet revolves around your body's metabolism and how quickly or slowly it digests food. Read below to find out if these low glycemic index diets really do work, or if they are just another fad.
In order for our bodies to produce energy, we first need to break down the carbohydrates in our food and they will then be converted into glucose via the digestive process. From there, that glucose is released into the blood stream in the form of energy. It seems simple enough, but different foods will be broken down into glucose at different rates.
Certain foods will cause the release of glucose to happen in one, fast burst. This is not good for your body, or your overall health. It will require you to eat more in a day, and you will not have as much energy on a regular basis.
Foods that release slower are what we should be eating. They supply a slower but steadier source of energy that will keep you with higher levels of energy all day, and this is where the glycemic diet comes into play. By eating foods that release their energy slower into our bodies, we will be healthier and more stable overall, and we will even lose weight in the process.
So do low glycemic index diets work? Yes they do. This is one of the few diets that relies on actual science and the chemistry in our bodies in order to work. It works, and it works quite well actually. If you want to feel and look great, try this diet.



Friends make up our social network. This gets bigger when you get acquainted with others and this in essence is social networking.

But social networking does not end there. It also goes to specific groups like people who share a common interest or hobby. In fact, the most popular one around these days are those found online because you get to meet individuals from other places.

For this to work, someone has to organize the group and in order for it to grow, other people are invited to join. With the web at your disposal, this means creating a website.

These websites are better known as social sites and are very similar to online communities. To become a member, you have to share a common interest be it a hobby, politics or religion. Once your request for membership has been approved, you will be able to socialize by reading the profile of other members and getting in touch with them.

The advantage of joining a specialized social network is that you are sure that all the members share the same interests. Before hundreds of these appeared, people had to contend with “traditional” social networking where those who join may not have to share the same interests to become a member.

But once you are in, you can develop your own social network by finding individuals who share your interests which will take some time and effort.

An interesting feature about social networking is that members who join a site can create their own webpage. This will make people who see your profile want to get to know you which expands your social network.

Despite the advantages and benefits of social networking, there are dangers that you have to deal with. It could be something minor like someone who is impersonating a famous celebrity or worse, an online predator who uses this medium to get his or her next victim.

While websites which operate these social networks on their end try their best to prevent this from happening by screening the members and installing additional safeguards, you are advised to proceed with caution.

If you feel something is not right, report this to the administrator. If you are meeting the member in person, make sure the venue is in a public place.

People who have a lot of hobbies can join more than one social network. To begin, all you have to do is perform a standard internet search of sites which cater to your interests, check each one out and then select which one you want to join.

But social networking isn’t just about meeting new friends. Entrepreneurs and small businesses use it to establish a regular clientele and help expand their business. Healthcare professionals use it to share information about diseases so they are updated about the latest developments. Charities and non-profit organizations also use it to request for much needed aid which will be a big help to their causes. 

Social networking has changed a lot through the years especially when people back then had to contend with chat rooms, instant messaging services and emails.  If you are not happy with the service provided, you can cancel your membership until you are able to find the right one or use the flaws to your advantage by creating your own.


Social networking sites are now part of our culture especially when there are more than a hundred of them in cyberspace. While this may increase the number of friends you have, there are certain risks involved which is why you should keep in mind some social networking safety reminders.

Before you decide to join a social networking site, see how it works. Some social networking sites allow only members to view the profiles of other members while there are those that allow anyone even non-members to read it.  

Since some people might take advantage of what you put on your profile so it is best to limit this access to people that you know. For instance, this should only be seen by your friends, your team, club, community group and family.

You shouldn’t also post anything that will make people you don’t know look for you like the name of your school, where you frequently hang out or where you work. One way of doing that is by not using your real name, age or hometown when you create your profile.

Don’t make the mistake of putting important personal information about yourself such as social security number, address, phone number or bank and credit card account numbers.

So what information could you post in a social networking site? The answer is simply anything you are comfortable with.

Just remember that anyone can see it. You could talk about your dreams, what you want to be when you grow up or where do you plan to go to college. These examples are safe because it changes so it doesn’t matter if this is saved in other people’s computers.

Another thing that a lot of social networking sites allow you to do is post a photo. You are not required to but if you do, there is another security issue because the picture can be altered and posted in another site that you will not be very happy about.

The main purpose of joining a social network is to make friends. Since you can’t tell if the person is serious or just playing around, you should take some extra precautions. You can do this by asking your friends if they know this individual or simply typing their name in the search engine and see what comes up.

If there are no red flags and he or she wants to meet you, make sure that this is done in a public place and tell someone you know where you are going, who you are meeting and what time you will be back.

Listen to your gut and if at any point you feel uncomfortable, leave immediately. Should this person persist, get help. This matter should be reported to the police and to the social networking site so this individual’s membership is revoked and banned for life.

You should also tell others about your experience so if this person joins another social networking site, their membership will also be revoked. Should others encounter the same person or someone similar, they will know what to do so they don’t become the next victim.  

There are risks involved when you meet someone through the web which is why even if social networking is a lot of fun, you should always keep in mind with these safety reminders.


The number of social networking sites has increased rapidly and the vast majority is simply an off shoot of MySpace or Facebook. As a result, people don’t use it just to stay in touch with friends but to make new ones as long as they have the same interests, political views and activities.

As you can see, social networking sites cater to a diverse audience. This is why some specialize in business, religion, sex and a few other things. Each one allows you to post blogs, photos and videos. At the same time, your friends can post comments.

This begins by becoming a member. Each person has to fill up the form and answer a few questions. This normally includes what will be your username, age, gender, location, interests and an “about me” section. You are not required but encouraged to upload a photo so people will be able to put a face to the name.

When it is finished, you get to choose the visibility of your profile. Can anyone see it or will this be limited only to your friends. The social networking site will ensure that your decision in this matter is respected. 

Eventually your list of contacts will grow and this in essence is what social networking is all about. Some of those individuals are people you really know while the rest are acquaintances which could develop into something more in the future. You can leave messages when your contact is offline similar to webmail which many of us are already used to.

But not social networking sites started this way. This just evolved later on and one good example is Classmates which was initially designed to help you find old colleagues from secondary school and college.

In order to compete with other social networking sites, developers have to come up with better features which the others don’t offer. Some examples of these include built-blogging, mobile interactions, RSS feeds, URL blocklist, application sharing, multiple language support, smarty templates, article rating, multiple authors and a lot more.

You just have to try each one to see if you are happy with their service. If you are not, then you can always close your account and open a new one somewhere else.

Despite all the fanfare, one thing that social networking sites are greatly concerned about is privacy primarily concerning the usage of the younger users. This is because they may be naïve enough to meet people on the net and sadly they become victims of a heinous crime. While most developers have taken steps to try and prevent this, the parents of those who use it need to do their share as well by monitoring how their kids use it and activating the security settings.

Social networking sites regardless of how big or small they are now have a lot in common. What distinguishes them is their target audience and what other features they may offer that will make you decide to sign up with them.

You can also read reviews or ask your friends about what social networking sites are they members of since you want to be in the same group. If you can’t decide, you can open several accounts and just take time to update and use them. 


Some people have searched high and low to find love. They have gone to bars and told a friend to hook them up but still no success. Should you give up? No because there you might just find it through social networking.

Social networking allows you to make new friends. In this case, finding Mr. or Mrs. Right so they can live happily ever after. For this to work, the first thing you have to do is become a member. Some of these sites allow you to join for free while there are others that will require you to pay a small fee.

After completing your profile, the social networking site will match your requirements with the existing database and then provide you with a list of some prospects.

What you will see in your account is the member’s photograph and brief version of who they are. If you want to know more, you can click on their profile. Should this person sound interesting, it is time to initiate contact and hopefully, that person will respond in kind.

The first point of contact is usually through email. If things are going well, then you can exchange telephone numbers and get to know each other some more. The next step is considered to be a “big” decision because it is here that you will decide to meet this person for the first time and hope that things will work out.

You should be cautious because it is really scary to meet someone you have never met before. Remember that just because he or she says this is who they are doesn’t necessarily mean that it is true so if at any point you feel something amiss, it is best to end it and find someone else.

You should schedule the meet in a private place, bring a friend along or tell your friends who you are meeting so if anything should happen, they can report it to the authorities.

But there are some individuals who use social networking sites for other purposes. For instance, there are specialty dating sites that are designed to hook people up. Another name for it is called a swinger’s club and you could have a lot of fun as long as you are open-minded about it.

Before you join a social networking site looking for love or any other purpose, you should be sure that it has systems in place that is designed to protect your personal information so it cannot be hacked especially when incidents of identity theft are on the rise.

Will social networking make you finally meet true love? The answer is no but there is always that possibility. You just have to put yourself out there and hope for the best because that is all anyone can ask for.

There are hundreds of social networking sites that can help you find love and it does not cater only to men or women but also to gays and lesbians as well. If you believe that there is someone out there, sign up, become a member and post your profile. If things are not going so well, post your profile in another site because you are selling yourself to someone who is interested in accepting you for whom you are.


If you’ve previously resisted invitations to join social networking sites because you regarded them as mere trends, then you should consider the other benefits to be had from these sites.

One of the most obvious benefits that these sites offer is the ability to keep in touch with friends and family anywhere in the world. With the bulletin board updates, you could read about how your friends and relatives are doing. You can be quickly informed if they’re getting married or if they’ve gotten sick and need a friendly call to wish them well. You could also find long lost classmates and acquaintances and drop them a message to see how they’re doing.


You could also get business benefits through online networking. Are you an entrepreneur thinking about how to use the networking sites for your business? You can think of social networking as a type of free online advertisement. By creating a bulletin board notice, you could inform the people in your network of the existence of your product and its benefits. You could also include information regarding how to buy the product or how to contact you through the social network. And you may also ask the people in your network to post your advertisement as well. If you’ve written an interesting advertisement, it might end up reaching a lot more people just like a viral advertisement.

If you’re an artist or a performer, you could use your social network to inform people about your upcoming events. You could post video on the homepage of your online network to entice people and give them an idea about you as an artist. You could easily use the online networking sites to gain many more fans online. This type of promotion is something that would have cost a lot of money before the advent of these online networking sites.

Even politicians have taken to using these social networks. By joining these social networks, they can make it easier for the people to know about their views and policies. This also makes it easier for them to get new supporters from the usually younger crowd. This also gives their supporters a way to contact them easily. You could send messages to politicians telling them about your opinions on different political issues.

You could also use these social networks to make people more aware about the issues you care about. If you care about certain issues, you could create an article or bulletin board message for the people in your network to read. That way, you could inform more people about these matters and get their support. You could also think of these networking sites as a news source. You could keep yourself informed about the matters that people are currently talking about.

Even companies and organizations have started creating online network accounts. That way, their members could link up with the organizations’ account and any organization news could easily be disseminated. This makes for an inexpensive way to keep every worker or organization member informed.

Knowing the many benefits that these social networking sites can provide, you will surely agree that you should create an account and build an online network of contacts as soon as possible.


Social networking is now part of our culture. In fact, there are so many to choose from and those who decide to become a member of one are more likely to become a member of another. Just to give you an idea of what is around, here are six of some of the most popular social networking sites.

1. The first is called Facebook. As of July last year, it has the largest number of registered users among college focused sites with more than 34 million members worldwide.  Although it is the seventh most visited site in the US, it ranks number one for photos. What makes this social networking site so special is that it generates revenues through advertising which according to some is a little over $1.5 million a week.

2. Next is MySpace which was founded in 2003. According to a study, this social networking site is the world’s sixth most popular English language website and the third most popular in the US. Similar to Facebook, members are able to post pictures, videos, blogs and music.

3. The third is YouTube which unlike the other two only focuses on the uploading, viewing and sharing of video clips. Established in 2005, members are able to upload videos for free and save those which they like in their account. If you want to save this in your computer, there are software programs you can use. The nice thing about this social networking site is that even unregistered users are also able to watch videos.

4. The fourth site is Second Life which is an Internet based virtual world. What makes this so different from the other three is the fact that you are able to create a character and then interact with other members. By interacting with other members, you are able to participate in individual and group activities, create and trade items and services with one another again in a virtual setting.

To date, this social networking site has 8.9 million registered residents with a majority of them that happen to be inactive and some of them are owned by one person.

5. For business networking, one of the most popular ones around is Linkedin which has 12.5 million members. Established in 2003, this social networking site is designed to give registered users a way to maintain contact with people they know so those within the connection can use it to find business opportunities, find jobs and new contacts as well as review or recruit potential candidates.

6. One of the oldest social networking sites around is Classmates which has over 40 million members. Established in 1995, it is a great way to connect with old friends back from high school or college. After so many years, you and your friends have changed and now have successful careers which you can use should you decide to go into business together.

These are just a few of the hundreds of social networking sites around. What makes each of these so popular is the fact that members are able to use it for free and when used for business, they don’t have to pay for advertising. That is unless of course you will be utilizing pop up ads and banners. But the simplest way is to post links to your webpage so members who may need your products or services will get in touch with you or recommend you to someone who needs it.
Forest Preserve and Increase Public Revenue
Cases of illegal logging or illegal logging becomes a serious problem in this country. Semrawutnya corruption and law enforcement into two things that give the largest contribution to the occurrence of such criminal acts.

tropical-forest-01Dari many environmental fighters carrying moving to actively seek a solution to this problem is Silverius Oscar-Winning. The man with the familiar greeting Onte successfully appealed the people in forest areas WakatobiRegency, Southeast Sulawesi, leaving the habit of illegally cutting down forests. Football Onte lunge to make people aware of initially did not go smoothly. Onte started the rescue story in WakatobiRegency forest in 1997. At that time, he was quite striking to see the changes on the economic condition of society there. Onte, who was then a member of a group of nature lovers at Haluoleo University Faculty of Agriculture, see the natural conditions there is very worrying. The chaos caused by so many bald forests and rivers dry up.

"This condition occurs since there is a company that pocketed the HPH (forest tenure) and then there is illegal logging," beber Onte. Are concerned, with her friends Onte forming NGOs Yayasan Cinta Alam (YASCITA NGOs), which consists of eight people. Last YASCITA Foundation in cooperation with the soles of a focus on issues of indigenous peoples, farmers, and fishermen. Onte joined palms since 1999. Both the organization and conduct campaigns antipembalakan wild. One way to make a Radio Swara Alam. Onte claims received grants from various sources, including the British government and The Gibbon Foundation, up to USD 80 million. Not enough with the campaign via radio, they campaigned through television broadcasts. With USD 300 million of grant funds, they established Kendari TV.

Just koar-koar through radio and television was not working people aware that already overdo dependence earns revenue from illegal logging. Yes, Onte said, his true perpetrators of illegal logging is the local community. Community forest felling and menyetornya to the big timber barons there. These communities formed groups according to the barons that they follow. "The number of loggers, I suppose, could be up to thousands," said Vice Chairman of the Foundation of this palm. Not only an increasingly barren forests, social conflict also broke out there. Onte look to get certain amounts of timber barons demand, often inter-group conflict. Increasingly murky conflict with racial issues that blows due to chance WakatobiRegency including areas inhabited by diverse tribes.

Year 2002 Onte designing a system to manage forests sustainably. He formed a group called Network for Forest (FAR). Together with the palms, he formed the Forest Cooperative Lestari Jaya (HJL). Onte and his colleagues then made approaches to the community willing to join. They have promised higher income if you're willing to apply responsible logging. Of the 792 heads of families who claimed to be interested, only seven heads of families who really willing to participate.

Responsible logging systems this refers to the standard timber cation ecolabel certification. Ecolabel standards must meet the three aspects, namely social, economic, and environmental. Socially, this system should not cause social problems. From the economic aspect, this system should be able to survive to meet the economic needs in the long term. While the environmental aspects, this system must not damage the environment. Some of the terms of logging of trees, for example, just cut down trees at least 30 centimeters in diameter upwards. There are also provisions for post-planting 10 trees cut down a tree.

This cooperative work pocketed international ecolabel certification from SmartWood of the Forest Stewardship Council. They proved themselves able to cultivate the forest in a responsible manner. With the certificate, log prices rose sharply. Onte say, people who used to sell USD 600 000 per cubic meter to a baron, has sold USD 6.4 million per cubic meter to the cooperative. The cooperative, which then export.

Now hundreds of heads of households who are members in 46 villages had joined the cooperative. Land area which was originally managed by cooperatives only 100 hectares (ha) has now reached 800 ha. Velocity of money in the cooperative between USD 1.3 billion-USD 1.5 billion a year. This is beyond retribution to the local government amounted to USD 200 million per year and the money paid to the village valued at Rp 20,000 per square meter to a village whose tree felled. Shifting to join a cooperative society causing decreased the amount of illegal logging. Onte calculation, from 30 illegal sawmills that once existed, now only remaining one. Onte forward and friends have an idea to establish a timber processing factory. By selling the wood in the form of components, such as wood tiles, the selling price could be higher.

The plan will be established at the factory WakatobiRegency and Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta, which also applies Konawe processing system such as forests in the forest area of 5000 ha. Each plant will have capacity to process up to 3000 cubic meters per year. Their capital from U.S. $ 765,000 prize obtained Onte and with his friend Ambrose Ruwindrijarto of palms in 2010 from The Sköll Foundation. "Together with palms, we are also being actively implement forest treatment system in 2000 is responsible for forests in Lampung and 3000 ha of forest in Papua," said Onte, who is also Executive Director MUCH.