Bali, Lovina Beach

  To the west of the city of Singaraja - Bali Lovina Beach are located about 10 Km, this place touris can see a collection of dolphins around the coast.
many Tourists visiting this area, to see the unspoiled seaside with the sun setting, also to see the dolphins are abundant in this beach. By boat, visitors can approach the dolphins. A variety of lodging facilities ranging from the Inn until Cottages available at a price that is not too

Lovina Beach, a neighborhood in the northern part of Bali, exactly in the Kalibukbuk, Buleleng Buleleng regency. From Denpasar towards this place about 100 km 3 hours drive.

in the morning we could Seeing cute dolphin action. Fish-bodied black and white on the belly will be seen on the surface of the water at about 6:00 to 9:00 in the morning.
When the atmosphere is still morning, the visitors began to go to the black sand beaches. Local and from out of the visit to Lovina if you want to see the action dolphins have to get up in the morning around 05.00 pm.
we can rent a motor boat that can carry five people at locals. Travel more than a kilometer into the sea. In the midst of the calm blue waters, tourists naturally treated to tens of hundreds of dolphins fish that live in this habitat.

Travelers can capture dolphins aktraksi free waters. Fishing boat was always faithful to approach the herd of dolphins. Shortly before approaching, boat motors turned off so the dolphins do not feel disturbed. In silence, tourists can witness the dolphins more comfortably. Herd dolphins began to disappear after the scorching sun. Lovina also offers the attraction, which is silence. Travelers do not have to overcrowding, congestion and noise