In each curve of the difficulties he encountered often, he always remembered the little remarks given his mother when removing his departure to Singapore: go for your goals step by step. And involve always the Almighty in every trace of your life.

The night was so magnificent. Thousands looked so glamorous glow lit up the sky. In one corner of the tallest buildings in Orchard Road, Singapore, look up the pretty young woman named Merry Riana from Jakarta.
While watching the evening scenery is so beautiful, faraway gaze. Her tears began to trickle visible. That night, at the age of just 26 years, he has managed to embrace the dream of financial freedom penetrate: in-a very young age, he has managed to earn 1 million dollars. Singapore's leading media crowned as the young female millionaire.
In fact, a few years earlier, a large woman in Pulomas, Jakarta had breakfast every day due to lack indomie boiled tuition. Whereas a few years earlier, he had worked as a waiter at the hotel and shopkeepers interest to finance his life.
The story of Merry Riana is a story about big dreams, about courage, and about the continued prayers recited throughout the day.
The story begins with tragedy in May 1998 riots in Jakarta. Due to security considerations, Riana who graduated from high school in Santa Ursula, Jakarta asked his parents to go to college in Singapore Nanyang Technology. Due to the lack of charge, he was forced to borrow funds from banks in Singapore education (these loans must be returned after graduation, work and earn income).
From the biographical story is so touching (the title Million Dollar Dream, a book that must be read, particularly by the young age of 20 years), we can cite three important lessons about perseverance a Merry Riana.
The first lesson that might be learned is this: The courage to have a BIG DREAM. He diving courses in Singapore at a cost that is very limited. Often he only ate two meals a day (and even then only a bowl of boiled noodles in the morning and two pieces of bread in the day) because of lack of funds. He really wanted to get through the dark with a big dream: to achieve financially freedom before the age of 30 years.
And from his observations, he knew it was his dream that it would be difficult to achieve if he chooses employees. That is why since the final level, he was determined to build their own business.
He was studying Engineering and graduated with second honors. With this provision it is relatively easy to apply for a job. But you know, when it passed and all his friends busy discussing what the company will be applying to, he would have thought hard to immediately start their own business.
Because of the lack of capital, he finally started the business in the sale of financial products (selling insurance products, deposits, mutual funds, etc.). The majority of college friends surprised by this odd choice. But the show must go on.
Lesson two: a beautiful dream will only be successful if it is accompanied by ACTION REAL soon so loud, persistent and without limits. And the struggle jeng Riana it feels so drained of energy, emotion, and very tiring.
To be able to sell the financial products he marketed, he worked 14 hours a day, 7 days a week, continued to move through every corner of Singapore. A thousand times denied, thousands of times to get up. Hundreds of times failed, and continues to seek new and more smart strategy to succeed.
And sometimes so bitter struggle. In a dawn that vibrates and he lay helpless on one corner railway station platform. Fatigue and despair shadowing his face. She could only cry softly. Yet the day after tomorrow, he immediately rushed again. Keep moving again. Keep fighting again. The difficulty, he says, it will feel easier if we continue to stand firm until the end.
The last lesson to be learned is: the POWER of PRAY. Merry Riana was raised in a very religious family. Since childhood, he was also endowed with prayers continue to flow from the beloved mother. In the deepest recesses of his mind, he was always sure the Creator will always be with the steps.