Bali Jimbaran

Jimbaran and Kedonganan region known as the hometown of producing fish, where most residents work as fishermen. And over time the many who took the initiative to set up a restaurant / cafe exclusively for processing of marine products until now.
Jimbaran Bali, a favorite tourist spot in Bali, known as the center of seafood (Seafood center) and Nuangsa night Jimbaran beach beautiful and romantic.

While enjoying the beautiful evening and the breeze gentle waves on Jimbaran beach, you can enjoy the delicious variety of menus from the processed fish. The options are many and spoil for those of you who are fond of going from processed seafood dishes.

complete tourist facilities like accommodation (Intercontinental, Four seasons resort, Karma Villa etc.), a restaurant with a menu of local and international cuisine, spa, shopping and other amenities.
About 10 minutes to the south of Ngurah Rai airport, we can find named Jimbaran beach were really cool to visit at sunset while having dinner course. In Jimbaran area that was once a fishing village, has lined Resto2 the tables presenting seafood right off the coast. not rare to visitors who were busy eating to take seats they had occupied for the day at dusk, and the water becomes tidal. from this place as well to the north, we could see the plane that was landing or taking off from the airport who happened flight trajectory jutting into the sea