Thousand Islands - Jakarta

Pulau Ayer, kotok Island, Rainbow Island, Angel Island, Island of the Sun, Island Pantara, Bira Island, Pulau Sepa

Thousand Island means "Thousand Island" which consists of nearly 128 small islands located in the Bay of Jakarta in the Java Sea. Most of the inhabited and can reach around 1-2 hours from Marina Ancol by ferry. Surrounding reefs are home to many species of fish, making the Thousand Island an ideal place for diving, snorkeling and fishing. Some of the islands are developed for tourism group is Angel Island, Pulau Ayer, Sepa, Coconut, Rainbow, Bira, Pantara, Kul-kul and Island Princess. There are also cabins for tourists, besides golden beaches fringed with coconut palms. Surrouding waters are a paradise for skin divers.They filles with a myriad of tropical fish, which live among colorful corals. Island Princess in Paradise Co has developed the Island Princess, Across Island, Island and Island Petondang Papa Theo as a holiday resort with cottages, restaurants, diving and sailing facilities

Pulau Ayer
In ancient times, the island (Pulau Ayer) is a private recreation area of ​​the former kings of the Thousand Islands as well as a private holiday first President of the Republic of Indonesia.
Today, a good atmosphere and serene beaches are familiar with trees secluded and beautiful beaches are often referred to as the "Pearl of the Thousand Islands" or "Pearl of the Thousand Island".
Located just a 30-minute boat trip from Marina Ancol Jakarta, an enchanting island resort offers a wide range of entertainment, recreation, water sports in addition to unique accommodation with a total of 45 pieces of floating and cottages on land. Each cottage is fully air-conditioned and has its own bedroom, telephone, refrigerator, bathroom, living room and terrace.

Kotok Island
Alam Kotok Island offers the opportunity to vacation on the island with an exotic habitat "Thousand Island" just 90 minutes from Jakarta. Memposana tropical atoll is still in its original pristine condition, flora and fauna undisturbed by cozy cottages tucked among the leaves and trees, looking out to sea while listening to the sound of wind in the trees, chirping birds and gentle waves lapping the shore. diving reefs are colorful, swimming and walking in leisure time
The open-air restaurant, bar, safe deposit box, 24 hour service between the island tours, fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, dive shops, diving courses, multilingual staff, baby sitter, laundry, mini shop and lainlain fasiitas

Rainbow Island
Rainbow Island is located between the island of a thousand, from the North Coast Jakarta about 70 kilometers from Marina, Ancol 'yacht' port and can be reached by speed boat about a half hour drive.
Densely covered by lush palm trees and pine trees surrounded by sandy beaches, it appears from the middle of the ocean blue waters clean silver will make fantastic island is like a rainbow, the island is ideal for enjoying the sea, sand and sun
Comfortable accommodation consists of 18 rooms, 29 standard bungalows and 4 executive bungalows are well equipped with air conditioning, minibar, double bed, bathroom (hot and cold), etc.
All bungalows overlooking the beach with a front porch so you can relax and enjoy the beauty of the sea, view and enjoy the sunset or sunrise.
There are also other facilities such as floating restaurants, dive shops (providing equipment for diving, snorkeling, fishing, etc.) tennis courts, Minishop, medical clinics, etc.

Angel Island
Nearby island and can be reached in 20 minutes by speedboat, about 15 km. from Ancol marina, Cottages were built among the trees that provide shady and comfortable environment that gives you the feeling integrated with nature. And people seem to float above the sea with fishermen provide a touch of home.
Special building cottage with ethnic Manado, floating cottages with fishing settlement, meeting rooms, restourant, bars, souvenir shops, Cherokee, discotheque, billiard and exciting sport facilities, beach volleyball, table tennis and much more that can be done during enjoying recreation island

Island in the Sun
Located on the island of the Great Tiger in the northern Gulf of Jakarta, the Sun Island Resort can be visited either by sea or air supplied to the helipad for the helicopter. Area of ​​the island about 6 acres, central plains at about 2.5 meters above sea level, stretches along the middle of the island.
The south and west is ideal for beach activities. Marine life, crystal clear sea water can be seen to a depth of 10 to 15 meters, offering superb views of colorful tropical fish and coral structures attractive Prepared two storey cottage with a total of 80 pieces with spacious bedrooms, each room has a private bathroom, air conditioning, minibar and a balcony overlooking the sea. Equipped with the necessary equipment meeting meeting room capacity 40-100 people. For sports facilities including two tennis courts, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, jogging track, floor chess, billiards, swimming pool and children's playground. jet skiing, windsurfing, snorkeling and scuba diving (all water sports equipment can be rented on site at the Marine Shop). Night fishing expeditions can be arranged as well.

Pantara Island
West Island section there are 34 cottages, a lobby, a convention hall (180 m2) with air conditioning, a Japanese food restaurant, a teppanyaki restaurant, a freshwater swimming pool, and scuba diving, a store.
East Island there are 56 cottages, Indonesian and Chinese cuisine restaurant, counter makanankecil, souvenir shops, discos, 4 tennis courts, and a marine sports equipment rental stores.
Enjoy Holiday Thousand Island Nature gives keasan peaceful, quiet comes with delicious cuisine, sports facilities, dive sites, beaches with clean white sand beach gives you the opportunity to touch the tropical perfection.

Bira Island
This island can be reached in about 2 hours. Reefs in seki Tarnya is home to many species of fish, making the island a idealuntuk dive. facilities with traditional style cottage, crystal clear water, white sandy beaches really tidakada polusi.bersepeda enchanting neighborhood, up jetsky in clear water, swim in the extra large swimming pool adjacent to the club house and children play, where the fishing is exciting with traditional or modern fishing boats, and feel the natural beauty of a golf course designed by golf architects internationally. Disi you enjoy life and complete kesempurna hidden from the bustle of city life

Sepa Island
Conveniently thousand island, which is only one and a half hour trip interesting (+ 100 miles) from Marina Ancol - Jakarta Sepa Island facilities are:
Accommodation with luxury lodge, shop tools diving / snorkeling, shop shouvenir, Clinic. Jetsky sea-sports activities,-Watersky, banana boat,-cannoe, Flying-fox, Knee-board, board-Glass, Boat-Rental,-Snorkeling, Scuba Diving-,-Marine Walk-towable board

Island Princess
Located about a half hour drive to reach the Princess Island about 70 km Sea water with coral and fish are good, you can do snorkeling and diving Comfortable accommodation / lodge rooms, well-equipped with air conditioning, minibar, double bed, bathroom ( hot and cold water) tv etc. All bungalows overlooking the beach with a front porch so you can relax and enjoy the beautiful sea views attracive and sunset or sunrise. There are also other facilities such as restaurants, about restourant like shape is covered like an umbrella and is located close to the beach to make visitors feel comfortable, chatting, drinking, eating buffet, dive shop (providing equipment for diving, snorkeling, fishing, etc.), tennis courts, Minishop, medical clinics, etc.