History and Development of Emerging Reog in East Java

East Java is a province in Indonesia dsalah rich culture commonly called the Javanese culture so  easterlies. one of the famous art until the tip was Reog Ponorogo, in roomates art is art ever made ​​rippled throughout society at that time Indonesia.Pada neighboring countries, namely Malaysia claims that reog is inherited from ancestors mereka.sontak this makes people furious Indonesia , after they previously Claimed batik. we submit the following history of the Emergence of Reog Ponorogo.

There are so many stories that Appear to explain the origin of the Emergence of reog, but of all the most famous is the story of the rebellion Ki Ageng Fleas, he is one of the kingdom during the abdi Bhre Kertabumi, who was the last king of Majapahit in the century ruling Ticks all 15.Ki ageng see the behavior of the king's wrath is influenced by a friend who came from China, Because of a very strong influence on the behavior of the king Became very corrupt in the other he (Ki Fleas ageng) felt that the power of the Majapahit kingdom will end.

History and Development of Emerging Reog in East Java

Armed with a Steadfast determination he eventually left the king and founded a college and taught martial arts, science self immunity and Perfection Studies in the hope that young people can be the seed that weighs in the revival of the Majapahit kingdom later.

Aware that his army is too small to fight the royal Troops Ki Ageng political message is conveyed through the performing arts Lice Reog, roomates is a "satire" to King Bra Kertabumi and his kingdom. Become Performances Reog Ki Ageng Fleas way to build local community resistance using Reog popularity.

Peel Dance Origins Tortor North Sumatra

Indonesia is no shortage of cultural diversity, diverse art and culture emerged in the country in which familiar greetings with thousand island nation. One of them is art Tari tortor. This dance art comes from northern Sumatra.
This dance was yesterday at claims by neighboring countries, namely Malaysia that tortor dance will be theirs. 

Tor - tor itself is derived from the sound that caused by the beat - the beat of the feet of the dancers perform on a pedestal as a wooden board which is the base of traditional Batak houses. This dance to the accompaniment Gondang diiringa that iramnya stomping.

Peel Dance Origins Tortor North Sumatra


As for the purpose of staging tortor dance is for funerals, harvest, healing and other parties in the young couple also has a dance ritual which must be passed first before playing it. The ritual process contains three messages are fearful and obedient to god almighty one, then the second is a message to the ancestors dang people - people who respected. The last message intended for the general public who were present during the ceremony or tortor dance performances are held.

Peel Dance Origins Tortor North Sumatra


tortor dance contains three meanings in addition to encouraging the soul to rituals, like food for the soul and a means of entertainment.

In the event tortor dance is always accompanied by a Gondang, called the Nine Gondang adjust the number of drum is in play. specificity of this drum is played by men while with singing a poem that tells a history, prayer and blessing, as named by Maronang Onang.

Historical Origins of the Balinese Pendet


Bali, one of the provinces in the country of Indonesia with cultural diversity and its sights eksotisma, bali dance art that has been worldwide popularity. Pendet, is already no stranger to the dance for local and foreign travelers, because art is often at the origin of bali and the show is very popular for tourists.

Historical Origins of the Balinese Pendet

Pendet itself is a statement of the present are showcased in the form of dance art. Become increasingly popular because it is very easy art in towing by everyone and do not need the intensive training.

According to history of this dance was once created by a Maestro from bali that I Wayan Rindi in 1967. Pendet former is a dance that is sacred and only on show in the temple at the time there was a certain religious rituals, By I Wayan Rindi dance is transformed into art that can show on any religious ritual.

This dance is performed by some of the young ladies in the dance brought bowls of silver wherein in it stuffed full of flowers on khir of interest is the staging in a silver bowl sprinkle it will be in by the dancers to the audience as a welcome greeting. Pendet therefore often referred to as dance reception.

horse braid

horse braid
Maybe we as citizens of Indonesia are already familiar with the traditional art of this one. own their own horse braid for each - each region in Indonesia is different - different from the stories that they bring and also choreo of dance.

horse braid itself is a dance of heroism which brings together dance between Javanese and Islamic influences. we can know that the influence of Java appears on the clothes they wear to the dance while the influence of Islam is the story contained in the dance and song lyrics that accompany the horse braid.

horse braid

The story contained in itself tells braid horse war in the time of the Companions rasulalloh and in fighting for Islam. braid horse country created in Java where Java is famous for the land trustee, as are horse braids are supposedly the guardians are guardians of the island of Java.

Basically, the purpose of creation itself braids horse in order to spread the religion of Islam, which is thick with people that are interested in entering the Javanese traditional Islamic religious one way is by combining elements of the traditional Javanese Islam. where the braid horse dance and will draw walks of life to learn and in it began to be inserted element - the element of Islam.

Kuta Beach - Bali

If interested in adding non-permanent tattoos-tattoos, direct messages along the coast because they were ready to serve with all the mounting tattoo motif.

balipantai kuta kuta bali Kuta Beach is a tourist place that many choose to spend during the holidays in Kuta. Beach with white sand was chosen as a place of surf sports and also very suitable for relaxing, sunbathing while waiting for the beautiful sunset beach of Kuta. Hundreds and even thousands of tourists this beach is always crowded.

Other attractions that can be enjoyed in Kuta including Waterbom Bali and Bali Slingshot.

water bomb Bali

Situated on the Kartika Plaza, Tuban about 2 km to the north of Ngurah Rai. The swimming pool and beautiful landscaping laid out is very popular for family recreation by both foreign tourists and local tourists, and is open every day from 9:00 am until 6 pm, and is able to accommodate up to 1,000 visitors. The swimming pool is divided to several kinds of activities such as the race track, pleasure pool, lazy river, and a jungle river raft rides.

sling-shot2 In this location available facilities such as restaurant / international food court, changing rooms, lifeguard, beach volleyball court, a gift shop and a playground for children.
Kuta Beach, the beach is famous for sunsetnya, has always been a top choice for domestic and overseas holiday to Bali.

This white sand beach with long stretches up to the Ngurai Gusti Rai airport, the tourist area of ​​Seminyak, Kerobokan ..

In the afternoon to early evening, Kuta Beach is widely used as an activity surfing, sunbathing, and other leisure activities. In the evening, many people are spending to play ball or just enjoy the beautiful sunset beach of Kuta ..

Bali Sling Shot
Create a challenging hobby adrenaline adventure, the challenge can try this one. Bali Sling Shot, which is located at Kartika Plaza street, Kuta.Anda keudara be fired as far as 52 meters into the air.

Kuta Bali is located in the southern part of the island of Bali, is one of the forerunner to the development of tourism in Bali. Along the coast of Kuta Beach was once a fishing village, as the development of tourism in Indonesia and Bali in particular, local residents began renting a private house for rent as a place of lodging.

Now the Kuta has developed into an icon of tourism in Bali or better known as International city because it is a meeting place for travelers from all over the world and also local tourists.

Tourism Feels Beautiful white sand island of Bali

Camel Safari is one of the tourist facilities in Nusa Dua. And the sensation of adventure on the back of a camel along the beach Nusa Dua Bali will be an experience camel safari is just different with Arab camel was far from the water to the desert terrain without plants significant financial cost Rp 550 000 (about 55 USD) for adults and Rp. 370 000 (about 37 USD) for the kids, you can enjoy it for 1 hour.

Camels in Bali, it skipped along a stretch of white sand along with watercamel runs this place, next to the other side filled with verdant parks and tourist row seats bask in five-star hotels along the coast that is passed .

Not too far from where the camels, in the afternoon you can also try horseback riding along the river, the village, and Jimbaran beach while enjoying the sunset.
During the 2 hour drive along the coast, you profesional.ending escorted by instructors, the horse will take you to the Jimbaran seafood dinner with the background scenery offshore.

Elephant at the Elephant Safari Park, Ubud.
For animal lovers can enjoy the beauty of outdoor adventure in the village of Taro, Ubud.on up the backs of elephants, you can wander the gardens safari.smart elephants display this skill becomes an attraction in interest by the tourists.

Listing tickets elephant safari
60 minutes Adults Rp 450,000, Rp 390,000 children
40 minutes Adults Rp 400,000, Rp 355,000 children
30 minutes Adults Rp 350,000. Rp 310,000 children
15 minutes Adults Rp 300,000, Rp 270,000 children

Come feel the pleasure to ride a camel track two bali beachfront homeland.

Tirta Bandengan Jepara

Jepara is not just a town with crafts ukirnya or hero icons R. A. Kartini but the city also keep its beautiful beaches, one of which is coastal or called Tirta Samudra beach Bandengan 7 km north of the downtown district of Jepara Jepara Central Java Indonesia.

Beaches Sightseeing Bandengan not difficult to visit. Jepara regency government has provided good roads and transport easily towards attractions Bandengan Beach. So, if you're in Central Java, it never hurts to stop by to Jepara. While looking at the beauty of the typical Jepara carving, you can also stop by the mainstay attractions namely Jepara Bandengan Beach, also known as Ocean Beach Tirta.
Lush White Sand BeachYou can enjoy a panoramic view of the crystal clear beaches and white sand. In addition, you can also enjoy the thick foliage of the pandanus shrubs or trees along the coast of Jepara Bandengan or also known as Ocean Beach Tirta. Bandengan Beach has a gently sloping coastal structures and the water clear and clean. Because of this beach will suit a beach such as swimming, playing beach volleyball, boating, or just cycling on the beach.

In addition, conditions are relatively calm north coast of Java makes it relatively safe beach to enjoy the game on the edge of the sea or swimming. Even when you dip into the clear sea water, you can see the small fish were running at the bottom of the sea.
Bandengan beach frequented for its unique natural environment. You can find the atmosphere of wide white sand beach. Then you can also enjoy the beauty of the crystal clear sea water. As well as being attractive is a stretch of lush green trees around the beach. Of course this makes the atmosphere in the beach Bandengan so cool and comfortable. The beauty of the beaches here are able to compete with the beauty of the beaches in Bali.
You can also visit the island in the middle of the sea from the beach Bandengan. Island that you can visit from here that Long Island. On this island you can see the beautiful natural flora and fauna of interest. You can visit this island with a relatively low cost. You can also wander around the beach by renting a boat or ship that is ready to take you around the beach while enjoying the natural beauty Bandengan Beach.
After enjoying a variety of fun games Bandengan Coast until late afternoon, it was time for you to enjoy the stunning performances on this beach. It was an amazing show of nature, namely the setting of the sun or you can admire the beauty of the sun on the way stops at dusk. The reflection of sunlight dims seen in sea water with calm waves at this beach Bandengan. Moments like these are often perpetuated by the photographer who happened to stop by at the beach Bandengan Jepara.Anda can also enjoy the panoramic sunset or while enjoying the food served in the restaurant that is on the lips of Bandengan Beach. One of the well-known restaurant on the beach is Sunset Beach Restaurant, founded by Italian citizens who have wives locals. The restaurant is frequented by foreign tourists. You can enjoy a pizza which is a typical Italian food, seafood and Indonesian cuisine while enjoying the panoramic beauty and hear the waves crashing on the beach. If you eat at one restaurant on the beach Bandengan, then you can go for free to the tourist attraction Bandengan Beach.
If you are tired and want to rest, also offered Bandengan Beach villa or place of accommodation that can be rented. After resting for the night, in the morning you can enjoy panoramic sunrise Bandengan Coast.

Aceh Tourism

Aceh Turisme

Aceh provides a lot of attractions that can be visited, but the incidence of Tsunami that hit the area late last year to make the most of the tourist spots Aceh beach were destroyed, the following list of some of the tourist attractions in Aceh:1. Mosque BaiturahmanBaiturahman Mosque which is located in the center of Banda Aceh, the Aceh Market is the pride of the people of Aceh mosque. History records in earlier times this place stands a mosque Kingdom of Aceh. When the Dutch attacked the city of Banda Aceh in 1873 the mosque was burned, but to dampen the anger of the people of Aceh in 1875. Netherlands rebuild a mosque that stands majestic as his successor today.

 This single domed mosque built on December 27, 1883. Further Mosque was expanded to 3 dome in 1935. Last expanded again to 5 dome (1959-1968)2. Lampuuk beachLampuuk beach located on the west coast of Aceh. From Banda Aceh, approximately 17 km away and can be reached by motor vehicle in less than 30 minutes. But unfortunately the beach is quite famous and a favorite tourist spot is destroyed Acehnese tsunami swept away.The beach is quite beautiful and can be used as a place to swim, sunbathe on white sand, fishing, sailing, diving and other recreational activities. Disore days it feels more beautiful beach, where we can watch the sunset full of charm.Around the beach Lampuuk stands majestically a cement plant Andalas, but when the plant was only a memory after suffering severe damage due to the earthquake and tsunami of 26 December 2004. Lampuuk Coast region, you can play golf with panoramic ocean background in Padang Golf Seulawah. Unfortunately all of its beauty now a distant memory and just waiting for the government to improve quite a popular tourist foreign tourists.3. Marine Natural Park Pulau WehNatural Park (TWA) Sea Pulau Weh regulated by the Decree of the Minister of Agriculture. 928/Kpts/Um/12/1982 dated December 27, 1982 covering an area of ​​2600 Ha.Geographically TWA Sea Pulau Weh lies at 0552 'North latitude and 9552' east longitude. While the district administration including Sukakarya, Sabang Municipality, Provincial IN Aceh and in terms of forest management, including the Natural Resources Conservation Resort Iboih and get in on the Conservation of Natural Resources Sub NAD.At TWA Sea Pulau Weh, Sabang there are coral reefs, both hard corals and soft corals with different types, shapes and colors, all of which form an interesting cluster of coral to be enjoyed, including the name of a local coral reef Lupas, stag coral, coral crackers.Besides coral reefs, sea TWA Pulau Weh, Sabang can be found species of reef fish such as Angel fish, fish Tropet, Dunsel fish, fish Sergeon, Grope fish, Parrot fish and others. These fish were around TWA Sea Pulau Weh and some are endemic in this area. It is also commonly found species of fish economical as Tuna, Snapper, Grouper, Bayan, Banana and others.Outdoor activities to do in the TWA Sea Pulau Weh is water tourism activities such as surfing, boat riding, swimming, fishing, and diving under the water to enjoy nature with the diversity of coral reefs and reef fish are beautiful.Some of the facilities to support tourism activities, among others: the lodges hotels around Iboih built by the community, shelters, toilets, mosque, souvenir kiosks and hotels located in Gapang. In addition there are various facilities in Rubiah island built by the Department of Tourism provincial, IN Aceh include: diving center is equipped with facilities (motor boats, scuba gear), praying, shelter, toilets, guard house, tower, trails, parks and electrical installations.4. KruengKrueng is 35 km from Banda Aceh is a region name. In the area there is a port named "Port Malahayati" often used the people of Banda Aceh to cross to the island of Weh (Sabang). Finally disabled the port after the port of Ulee LHE enable a more stately built (but the same was destroyed by the Tsunami). Krueng which includes areas with the worst damage caused by the Tsunami can be reached within 30 minutes from Banda Aceh.In this area is also very famous for its beaches named Ujong Batee, where in addition to its beautiful beaches there is also a fairly swanky restaurant that serves the famous Crab Aceh Besar, Tiger Shrimp, oysters, turtle eggs, and a variety of seafood and agricultural other. Batee Ujong own beach located approximately 17 km south-east of Banda Aceh. The beach is overgrown with a dense fir trees shelter the visitors when a hot day so it was comfortable enough to relax. Ujong Batee in Ujung Batu Aceh language means, maybe the name is given because of the beaches that we can immediately see the island across SabangBesides Ujong Batee, in Krueng Kingdom are also named Lamreh tourist area, this area is an area that was once barren hill, but have now been planted with various trees. From here we can see the panoramic sea views as seen in the picture on this page.5. Museum and house position
Banda Aceh has a State Museum, located in a complex. The main building in the form of a museum of traditional Acehnese house, built in 1914 for the Arena Exhibition in Semarang, which is then taken back to Banda Aceh in 1915 by Governor Van Swart (Netherlands), which was made into museums. House position is a narrow stage house door but inside the entire room is not insulated.now the museum has been increased with new buildings taking motives in Aceh as well as building construction, meeting the conical shape taken from the Acehnese way to wrap rice with banana leaves called "Bukulah". Bukulah, among others, served on certain feast feast-like Kenduri Blang, Kenduri Birthday of Prophet Muhammad SAW and others.Museum's new exhibition space, has 3-storey building, crammed with antiquities collection of well-appointed. One of the museum's collection is a great bell, called "CakraDonya". The bell was a gift from the Kingdom of China in the past that were taken by Admiral Ceng Ho in 1414. Front porch has a museum which also showed a distinctive shape wood carvings with motifs Aceh. Lots of interesting things in the museum adjacent to the pavilion Governor of Aceh was so many schoolchildren who visit each day.In this complex as well as the tomb found the sultans of Aceh in the past. Tomb of the Sultan in general dinuat of Stone Mountain and decorated with a beautiful Arab Kaligraphi fascinating, one of which is the Tomb of Sultan Iskandar Muda.6. GunonganGunongan is a heritage building of Sultan Iskandar Muda (1608-1636) for the queen Princess Phang.Menurut history, Princess Phang always felt longing for his hometown, Pahang - Malaysia. Sultan later learned that the queen's wrath because in Pahang palace surrounded by hills where the empress to play, but not here.Then the Sultan built an artificial mountain that can be climbed Gunongan where the empress. Once the building is ready, the empress to be happy and spend more time here, especially at the time of the sun going down. Gunongan located in a complex on Jl Teuku Umar Banda Aceh, where the area was spared from the ferocity of the tsunami.7. Natural AcehBanda Aceh has superb sea views good, the ocean view is also his own appeal for foreign tourists, this city is a city west coast of Sumatra, it is no wonder the city is included losses due to this tsunami. The ocean view Aceh is not inferior to Bali or Lombok. Besides the sea, aerial view of Banda Aceh is also very beautiful this is possible given the lack of pollution in the area. Vehicles in Aceh is also not as much as in other areas. here are some pictures of the sea and aerial views of Banda Aceh