Historical Origins of the Balinese Pendet


Bali, one of the provinces in the country of Indonesia with cultural diversity and its sights eksotisma, bali dance art that has been worldwide popularity. Pendet, is already no stranger to the dance for local and foreign travelers, because art is often at the origin of bali and the show is very popular for tourists.

Historical Origins of the Balinese Pendet

Pendet itself is a statement of the present are showcased in the form of dance art. Become increasingly popular because it is very easy art in towing by everyone and do not need the intensive training.

According to history of this dance was once created by a Maestro from bali that I Wayan Rindi in 1967. Pendet former is a dance that is sacred and only on show in the temple at the time there was a certain religious rituals, By I Wayan Rindi dance is transformed into art that can show on any religious ritual.

This dance is performed by some of the young ladies in the dance brought bowls of silver wherein in it stuffed full of flowers on khir of interest is the staging in a silver bowl sprinkle it will be in by the dancers to the audience as a welcome greeting. Pendet therefore often referred to as dance reception.